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This Short Mat Bowls program is operated as an extension of the Preston Lawn Bowling Club (Cambridge) in cooperation with our partners Langs and Kinbridge Community Association.



1. Promote a healthy life style by providing bowls during the off season.

2. Reduce social isolation for seniors and others who may be limited in their ability to interact because of financial or other barriers.

3. Provide opportunities for those with disabilities to take part in a recreational activity.

Who Can Play?

This sport is for all ages.

We supply lawn bowls in 9 different sizes. As the mat is only 45 feet long, it requires little effort to send a bowl to the other end. Therefore children as well as adults who may have some strength issues are able to participate.

What Do You Need?

We supply all the equipment if necessary.

If you are a regular lawn bowler, you may bring your own bowls.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Please have some indoor shoes suitable for the gymnasium so as not to track in snow and slush.

There may be additional requirements because of COVID protocols.


Your first visit is free. After that you can pay $5 per visit (please have the correct change) Tickets are also available for purchase - 4 tickets for $20.

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