The wonderful world of lawn bowls awaits you.

While the sterotype in Canada is that lawn bowls is a game for the elderly, we would like to dispel this idea. Lawn bowls throughout the world is played by all ages. We have junior programs in Ontario that promote a lifelong commitment to the game.

The Preston Lawn Bowling Club has existed in this community for 106 years. It started in 1915 and moved to its present site in 1927. The building and grounds are owned by the City of Cambridge. Members of the club have the use of the beautiful old building and the grounds from May through to October. The property and Green are maintained by the efforts of the members of the club. The Club is licensed to sell and serve wine and beer.


Please feel free to explore this site. When you are ready we are waiting to answer your questions and start you on your way to a sport that is easy to learn and takes a lifetime to try and master.