A History of the Preston Lawn Bowling Club


We are rather short of information about the early clubs which led to the organization of our local club on Queen Street, but as far as can be learned, the G. Pattinson Company organized the first lawn bowling club in town for the benefit of their employees about 1908. It was located at Laurel and Eagle Streets.


Members then as recalled were: William Sobish, Robert McIntosh, Rev. R. Herbert, Harry Sullivan, Jock Ballentyne, Mike McTearnen, Donald Campbell, Thos. Ballentyne, Wm. Reids, Joe Bauer, Cyrus Dolph, Thos. Hepburn, George Roos, Alf Lee, Mike Mullin, W. Hudson, John Sorht, About 25 members; others no known


This green was abandoned later on.

























About 1912 or 1913 a group of young workers from the Parker Steele Shoe Company made a green on the company property between the factory and the building that stood on the King And Guelph Street corner (now a convenience store).


Known members at that time were: S.H. Parker, H. Steele, Sr., H. Steele, Jr., Thomas Cocklin, Russel Lumby, Pat McGrath, Charles McGrath, Walter Wirshing, Jim Crawford, Edgar Drage, Wally Dix.


A few years later, around 1915, The Preston Community Lawn Bowling Club went into operation at present site on Queen Street.


It is believed that many of the above bowlers were the charter members of our present club. No records can be found, but we know that the game of lawn bowls attracted men from every walk of life and later the ladies decided to organize a club too, which has led to many mixed bowling events.